Multi blogs, profiles and online pages !

I have a question that I’m asking many these days, and me also …          why would I have a page on facebook, blogger, wordpress, deviantart, youtube, myspace skillpage, hi5, twitter, and many other pages that I rarely remember, and i don’t even access to them ?

why there is a lot of flow to these social network pages that we are connected to all the time by the new mobiles (cell phones), smart phones and pads ……  I can’t imagine that I’m holding my Blackberry without checking my messages on facebook, the last tweet on twitter, the last watch on deviantart and the last blog on wordpress !!!

and the silly thing that we always share anything we find on FACEBOOK… the other social network websites killer, that all the other Wsites connected their selves to facebook ( OH CLICK HERE TO SHARE WITH FACEBOOK )

why don’t they share it to facebook directly ?!!!!!

anyways this is not the point, the point is what is the need for me to have at least five active profiles, (facebook, deviantart, twitter, wordpress, and my website which is on blogspot “blogger”) …. what is the secret behind this?!

I have one thought that this generation of people are to forward into breaking their privacy by their hands, and share every single moment with the world, and in the same time, they would keep their dirty trashes inside their houses until the time of taking the trash from outside because they always say (ppl can access to our trash, and break our privacy by knowing what kind of food we eat, and what stuff we do) ,, I really can’t understand this kind of ppl !!!

anyways … for me, I need these five profiles for the following reason:

1st: … because this site changes the way of the uploading and the interacting with the pictures and text files and many other features I really don’t know about ,,, and that what I need to upload my pictures that I have “since I’m working with photography these days”

2nd:  … that made the way of sharing fast posts very easy, but I don’t use it to share, I use it to receive the last break news “since we live in the Middle East, we need this kind of fast free service 😉 ”

3rd:  … this blogging website made the reach to the people easier, also I can write and Do what ever I want in very easy way  …. of course this is my first post on this blog .. But i used to have an old blog before.

4th:  …. this website is actually a blog of, I use it to share with the word my photos and to be able to interact with it as a personal website to promote my photos …. also it is easy to deal with, but from this manner

5th:  …. IF I DIDN”T SHARE WHAT I DID ON THE LAST FOUR WEBSITES, THEN noone will care abotu what I did !!!!!


so create as much profiles, spaces, blogs, pages…. etc, but believe me U will share on FACEBOOK to let the people know about what do did,,,

THE WEIRD THING that facebook has a blogging, photo sharing, pages (for fast news) services,, but people always want to change ….. if the modern age ended by the 20th century, facebook age started with the 21st century ….

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2 thoughts on “Multi blogs, profiles and online pages !

  1. Hi AbdelRahman Elhijazi,
    “if the modern age ended by the 20th century, facebook age started with the 21st century ….” this is big statment. I like the “fact” you have stated above about the reason behind your Facebook account :D.
    No one can deny the huge popularity of these websites you have already mentioned, especially Facebook (around 600 million accounts) But If I want to answer the question about the reason why people have many profiles registered on different websites, I would say:
    – Some of them are really successful persons. They have life, they have projects working on, they have knowledge to share with others.
    – Others have similar interests/hobbies, so they grouped in deviantart for example.
    The rest I dont know, they may have time and have no much things to do in real live, maybe they avoid real-life’s challenges by being digitalized, or they just mimics.

    “He has a hi5 profile??, Ok I will have 2 😛 ……. What? she got 200 friends on facebook? I wil got 2000 … etc”

    Beside very important point you talked about “Privacy”. The privacy is not considered by many people or you can say they have understand it or defined it differently.

    But still, I am interesting to hear a good answer about your question. Why 1 person need to have 10 profiles (5 active – 5 inactive)?

    1. First of all , thanks for your beautiful Comment My dear friend

      Second, Yeah actually i noticed that when I wrote that Statement about the age of facebook, I was shocked from myself and I laughed ….

      Dude ,, as you said exactly , but can’t we say that maybe people are not satisfied from any of these profiles, so that they are going to try another kind of profiles, pages and blogs,,,,, maybe their need of sharing is pushing them to open many channels of sharing that make them not able to do it on one service provider,,, and as i said , consider me having at least 10 accounts, but I use the following
      -Deviantart to upload my pics
      -Blogspot which is the host of my website
      -wordpress which is the host of my personal Blog
      -facebook which is my friend’s profile

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