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Since I’m into photography, and since I’m not a pro photographer, I access to a lot of photography blogs and magazines to get ideas, opinions and techniques to gain more experiences and to gain a lot of thoughts for my future plans in photography ,,, and I collected a lot of thoughts and a lot of projects ideas for photography trips:

Project 1: Go crazy and forget about rules, forget about angles and forget about anything you know about virtual art, and then U will get a lot of nice photos and nice views,,, jump on a tree, lay down on the floor or hold the cam in a way that you didn’t hold it before, and take 50 pics and I’m sure that 20 pics of them are NEW with Original ideas.

Project 2: Create A calender  and it is simple, but in the same time it is a project for one year, Don’t use old photos but as it is APRIL now, take a photo that reflects April, and then keep it and put it in a place that you will remember how to reach it, then MAY, JUNE til the next MARCH, when you take MARCH PIC ,,,, Create your Calender.

Project 3: One click and then move to the next location, no chance to change your angle or your exposure to get better photo, and that will make you able to know the exact exposure and the exact angle from the FIRST SHOT, and that will upgrade your level in photography.

Project 4: simplity is beauty, so leave your SLR Cam at home, take your powershot cam or mobile cam, and document your day by photos, create a power point slide show and upload it to your BLOG, or create an album on your profile and share it with others, the reason behind leaving the pro cam that it will be easier to hold it in very active crowded day that you really want to document.

Project 5: Alphabetically ordered photo, take photos and relate them to a letter, A (aviation) , B (beauty), C, D …… and then Save them on a separated achieve, that helps in the ability of NAMING the pics, and relate them to phrases.

Project 6: Group project, choose a location and go with your friends, let them take a lot of photos to some locations, and you do as much good as you can, then at the end of the day, compare your pics with their.. know their concepts and views, choose some of the best pics and learn from them, that will enhance your way of sharing and receiving new ideas and views in photography (even if they are not pros in photography)

Project 7: Black & White photos are the most difficult photos from my point of view, because the photographer should be able to reflect what he/she is seeing in the view with only a range of color between the black & white.

Project 8: Square photos are different from the  rectangle photos, because the audiences will look directly to the center, take a lot of photos and try to square them to be able to show the people what is the center of your pic, or BREAK the rule and surprise the people with your center point, it might be outside the pic but with a beautiful view.

Project 9: Join a Competition, and even if you don’t know photographers, join online competition which you can find a lot of them, and I’ll make it easier for you, go to and you will find a lot of these stuff.

Project 10: Create your own style, show the people that nothing is followed by the others, because if you didn’t do it by your own way, no one will remember you, they will remember the way only…. but if you created a new way as the people before you did, it will always be you. hold your cam, modify the colors as you want, HOLD the cam the way you want, and as you want the people see it, take the SHOT and as for critical opinion, look for the mistakes before you look for the beauty of your photo, and that will make from you a photographer that starters might follow.

some ideas are from:
Outdoors Photography Magazine – March 2011
Andre Gunther Photography
These BLOG POSTS are owned by AbdelRahman ElHijazi
Give credits if you copied anything
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