Archive your photos and videos

Before I archive my photos and videos, I googled the best way of archiving the photos, and I found a lot of wierd ways in archiving, and also a alot of great ways that make it very easy to access to any picture you want as easy as it can be, and I’m using the way that I’m going to tell you about, because it worked with me with little modification by me šŸ™‚ Ā :

How to create an easy access archive for your photos and videos ?

You should have an external Hard Disk Drive, and Blank CD.s with CD writer …. (or any storage method but external)

First of all there are some basics as a photographer, or PHOTOS owners should know, which we will use inĀ identifyingĀ the photos or videos ….

  • Negative copy: which is the file that is created in the Cam memory after taking the shot, and it will be names as IMG_0001 , Img_0002 etc….
  • Saved Negative copy: it is when you move the Negative copy from the SD memory to the external storage device (External HDD, CD or any storage method)
  • Positive Copy: it is the copy that is created after editing the picture for uses.

after you know theĀ terminologyĀ that I’ll be using, you’ll understand my technique in archiving the photos….

First of all, on your External HDD ,,, Create a year classification folder, as folder called 2005, and another is called 2006 …. 2011 ,,, Ā  and in each folder create another folder .. so for example, Ā in folder 2010 , create a folder Called 01_2010, another one called 02_2010 …. 12_2010

in this way, you created the main way of filtering and archiving the pictures,,, then when you move the pictures from the mixed up storage method that you used to use, you can detect its date from its properties, and you can move it to its folder …. but sometimes you can find duplicated names in the same month and year …. so don’t get panic of loosing the sequence of the pictures …. just do the following:

assume with me ( 2010 > 05_2010 ) there are two pictures called IMG_0056,,, you will not get duplicated pictures ,,, you will do as the following … call all the pictures with their dates …. so I did that 2010_05_12_IMG_0001 …. 2010_05_12_IMG_0002 ….. 2010_05_20_IMG_0001 ….. 2010_05_20_IMG_0002 …. so each picture isĀ identified by its year, month and DAY šŸ˜‰

this way worked with me …. but if you don’t care about dates, and you care about categories …. you canĀ createĀ in eachĀ yearĀ folder categories folders such as (Landscapes .. Animals .. Portraits .. conceptual ..etc)

or archive them by their events (M7MD’s BirthDay Party .. Graduating Pics .. NEW CAR Pics)

you can use your own method in storing the data ….. but for me I use the first one above, because i care about the dates more than the category … also I DO AN EXTRA THING …. i keep another backup copy on DVD CDs because i get afraid from loosing the pictures.. because there are a lot of memories and a lot of great pictures.

I don’t put all my eggs in one basket, and the HDD might have any kind of failure .

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