Google it

Yep, I’m packing my stuff for two reasons , first is HIKING in Hatta and Fujaira in UAE … And I’ll provide full detailed blog post about my trip … and it will be on SUNDAY, 08th – May – 2011
the second reason is photography, which will give me the chance to take new shots in new places….

But this post is not about telling my future plans, but it is about telling that everything started to be much easier than before ….

i was just wondering what kind of stuff I have to get and pack for my 3 days Hiking trip, and i googled the following entry “hiking packing list” and I’ve got millions of lists, for summer hiking, mountains, sands, winter, sea, river, male, female …. etc , So i was too confused but happy, coz I’ve found out alot of stuff that i wouldn’t think about…..

I feel that one day, people will stop going to school, they will just ask our friend GOOGLE, and he will answer ….
sometimes I google myself, trying to see if there is another one who is important, … maybe i can pretend that I’m him 😛

anyways, I’ve got everything, then I’ve found another thing, HOW TO PACK UR BACKBAG …. I feel one day, I’ll find a video saying, HOW TO LOOK AT THE MIRROR AND KNOW YOUR SELF …. It started to be scary life for me , sometimes I feel I’m too connected to such services, and I can;t live without it, and then I face the fact that one day , all of theses things might disappear and we’ll be disconnected from the world, coz think with me …. Holding your smart phone opening your google map application to navigate, checking your email, and in the same time checking the feed of your profiles (twitter & facebook), you see a word you don’t know, GOOGLE IT , you wanna go to some location, GOOGLE IT, you wanna get the best deal in something, such as traveling, GOOGLE IT … but if you wanna the truth, GOOGLE IT and inspite of finding the truth, they will find you first and then noone will find you again…

so stop googling smart things, and just stay in your business …. COZ now, they say that Iphone is saving locational information for each device and sending it to google twice aday, so if you googled smartass things, they will find you easier that if you YAHOO things

anyways ,, coming soon, FULL REPORT ABOUT HATTA TRIP , Provided with pics

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