One Post, Many Social Networks

So to make networking better and easier, I connected my accounts together …..

So I connected the FB page of my website to twitter, then connected twitter to my personal FB profile …. this is one application which is

Then I connected my WordPress Blog to Twitter by the sharing option of wordpress,

then I connected my website and my WP Blog to FB fan page and twitter using  ….

Imagine what’s gonna happen now ,,, Anything I post on the FB page will be posted on twitter and anything will be posted by Twitter will be posted on fb profile, SO IF I POSTED ON THE FB PAGE, IT will be POSTED on Twitter then my Profile 🙂

another thing , anything I post on this blog will be posted on both FB page, and Twitter then FB profile. and the same with my website 😀

lil bit complicated , but that will save time in sharing and linking and forgeting …. now I can post and it will be shared by itself…

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