Can I Put Follow Me Link In My CV ( resume ) ?

That day , i was rewriting my CV and I had an idea, since all my personal information are posted on facebook, also all my updates and everything are posted on FACEBOOK through Twitter and even WordPress ,, I was thinking of putting my facebook link in my CV …. but before i’ve done that I had a lil research to see if it is accepted or not ,, and here what I found:

Where should I put Follow me Link ?

in every CV format , there is always a section or part called ( Contact details ) where you can put your phone numbers, email and the address,   you can put the link there , but of course it should be in black with a normal font, without the blue underlined hyperlinked way.

so you’ll be like the following:

Contact details:          Street , City, State, Country


                                          Mobile No1: +971 (05x) xxxxxxxx

                                          Mobile No2: +971 (05x) xxxxxxx

                                          Fax No: +971 (0x) xxxxxxx

                                          Email :

                                         personal profiles:


this section is more reasonable to put, because it is a contact way ….

What if I have alot of profiles ?

well come on, put yourself as the recruitment manager of a company, are you gonna recruit someone with 10 personal profiles ? or you’ll be like (he’ll spend his time on checking his notifications)  … so even if you have more than 10 profiles, put maximum two profiles, and it is recommended to put only one profile link , the best looking profile with personal thoughts and very well organized profile, which will reflect the person you want to show to the recruitment officer or manager or even the Human resource manager.

more info …

Not everyone are taking the social networks seriously, especially in the workplace, so some people who might read your CV will not take it serious when they see a link to your personal profile on facebook, twitter or whatever service provider, they will keep thinking that it is for fun only …. But maybe that will change by time, and they will take it more serious in the future, especially after all the changes in the Middle East, and all of that is because facebook …

and finally, after I saw that my dad had atleast 2 accounts on facebook and an admin for a page .. I believe that the managers and the recruitment officers in most of the companies are having profiles online, and using them frequently on daily bases.

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