I Hated Facebook When ….

Yeah Facebook , I know that it hurts but I hated you in spite of all the love that I have to you …


I hated you when our fathers had a profile and added us … we had fights with them because they asked us before ( where were you all that time, or what are you doing ) and now, they don’t have to ask, they can just CHECK OUR PROFILES !!!! the feeeeeds will tell them that I was playing Poker and you were watching youtube !!


Not only that, he will start comment on your statues, especially the statues that have dirty words, I had a statues as the following “F%^&en Bored” …. so imagine what happened …. MY SISTER !!! Posted a comment “U need someone to wash your Dirty mouth” but what freaked me out was the following ….. MY DAD “LIKE”ed my sister’s comment !!!

So facebook , we need a major solution here !!! NO DAD’s involvement in our life, FACEBOOK, you teached the middle east the real freedom of opinions, words, shares, statues, trends … etc.  SO PLEASE announce on facebook for the users who are older than 45, PLEASE DO NOT INVOLVE IN YOUR SONS FACEBOOK PROFILES, they are users as you are …….

and i remember the joke that i received long time ago about a boy who posted “my father had a facebook, WTF!!” then the father commented “what WTF means?” , so the boy replied “welcome to facebook!!”  ….

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