140 Character

as we all know, all of the social network users thought that twitter is just a joke, but day by day, they prove us that 140 is enough to give your voice to the people. as the Arabian quote which is said “the best talk is the short and meaningful” and I noticed that most of my friends on facebook and Linkedin are using twitter to share through their profiles … I Do the same, I don’t share anything on facebook or linkedin, I just open my twitter through my Ipad or Blackberry and post their, DONE it is on facebook and linkedin,,,, BUT THE weird thingy that why didn’t Google+ connect itself to twitter too?

Also their another weird question, Why can’t we join Google+ without an invite?? what is the big deal? are they going to create their own circles to know who knows whom? isn’t that lil weird or it is their own way of BUZZ the users as they did with the Gmail before ?  IT IS Weird but effective, coz when 200Million users within a short time joined google+, then all the internet users know each others !!

How to Promote your Photography Skills and Be Popular

One of the most important step that a photographer should take, is to promote his skills, and to think about his skills as a brand name.. and a lot of photographers don’t have the enough money to us marketing agencies. so there are simple steps that the photographers can do to get some reputation in the media market, at least in a small area.

1- Divide your Gallery into categories to make it easy to access, and you’ll be able to find a lot of categories for your photos, so just make it sample and easy to understand, so as a first step, don’t make subcategories, so don’t put (people > portraits > studio photography) just make it People or Portrait, then when you have stock of pictures and images, you can sub-categorize the photos.     I use the following Categories: <Portraits>, <Transportation>, <Skyline and Landscapes>, <Events & Trips>, <Animals, Birds and Fishes>, <Architecture & Urban>, <Commercial>, <Fashion>, and <Flowers & Plants>.

These categories are going to make the filtering of the photos very easy, then you will go to the next step.

2- Create online gallery PLUS a portfolio, and you can do that in a very sample way, the first sample way is to create an online profile on one of the free social network websites, such as DeviantArt / Flicker/ 500px / photoblog …etc there are alot of these websites, and in these websites, as http://deviantart.com, you can upgrade your profile by 10$ yearly , and that will give you more professional organizing for the profile, and then you’ll be able to create a portfolio using it.

if you know lil bit about managing a website, or simple blogging, you can create your own weblog and have more control on your gallery as I did with http://www.sawwarna.com.

WHY SHOULD A PHOTOGRAPHER GO ONLINE ?? because of the next step:

3- Go to the Market by Reaching the potential customers, or your marketers who are free. You can start sending the URL of your gallery, and it doesn’t need to be a paid full domain, as .com or .net or whatever, you can send a simple link as boudi305.deviantart.com, or abelhijazi.wordpress.com. It is cool to send such links, because the content is the important feature not the domain. Maybe when you get more visitors, you’ll have to buy a domain for your page.

4- Distribute your Business Card to the marketing agencies, studios, cars show rooms, and many many places who need photographers. BUT YOUR Business Card should be innovative, and representative. Also it should have your online Gallery Link, because people who have a need for a photographer, will check your photos online and then the WANT will be generated.

5- Be Straight and Clear about your Pricing System, then you’ll not be embarrassed, also you can put for yourself a discount percentage, so that will be clear, so 15% discount can be fair for your friends, and the frequent customers. PUT your prices online, and define a very clear system, as (Indoor in the same city: 20$ per Hour) (Outdoor in the same city: 30$ per Hour) (Trips: 35$ Per Hour or 200$ for the Whole Trip) …. ETC

6-Organize your Schedule, and always be ready for delaying any appointment from 30 minutes to one hour, so create a flexible schedule, and you can POST IT ONLINE, so people will be able to know your activity, and your location all the time to make the booking system more easier and efficient.

7- Let Your Fans Follow You, and be able to know the capacity of your followers, so create an online profile like facebook or twitter, and then you can broadcast any feed you want that you want people to know, comment and interact with you.

by following these simple steps, you’ll be able to create a buzz in the market, and be able to collect a very big base of fans, followers and customers. It will take a lot of time to do all these steps, but there is no single time frame, there is always variables according to the season, city and type of photography you do.

They Didn’t Disappear

There are a lot of machines, electronics and inventions disappeared by time, such as the beeper, telegraphs and many other things, and with the word disappear didn’t mean totally gone, but it means that they are shrinked until noone i know is using any of them.

And many people thought that Radio, MP3 players and many new inventions are going to go through the same phase which is failing, but the weird thing that they are not… even that mobile phone can receive the radio tuning, they want a radio in their cars to listen to music, news or any other program…. and I noticed alot of peopoe, and my wife is one of them, they hold their very new mobiles, and also hold some ipod, or mp3 player to listen to Mp3 songs while they are in a waitingroom or somwthing… why wouldn’t they put the songs or the tunes to their mobile, and just leave their mp3 players!? and why would apple produce new generations of NANO ipod, and produce more Ipod classic while people can just connect the headset to their eyes and listen to music by their mobile phones …!!

by ©2010-2011 ~Robsonbillponte666

and the prove for my point is that Apple upgraded the Nano from normal to touch, added the cam to make it as Ipad two, and still produce huge amounts of the classic Ipod …

I want to know the right answer for this, why is that happening ?!