They Didn’t Disappear

There are a lot of machines, electronics and inventions disappeared by time, such as the beeper, telegraphs and many other things, and with the word disappear didn’t mean totally gone, but it means that they are shrinked until noone i know is using any of them.

And many people thought that Radio, MP3 players and many new inventions are going to go through the same phase which is failing, but the weird thing that they are not… even that mobile phone can receive the radio tuning, they want a radio in their cars to listen to music, news or any other program…. and I noticed alot of peopoe, and my wife is one of them, they hold their very new mobiles, and also hold some ipod, or mp3 player to listen to Mp3 songs while they are in a waitingroom or somwthing… why wouldn’t they put the songs or the tunes to their mobile, and just leave their mp3 players!? and why would apple produce new generations of NANO ipod, and produce more Ipod classic while people can just connect the headset to their eyes and listen to music by their mobile phones …!!

by ©2010-2011 ~Robsonbillponte666

and the prove for my point is that Apple upgraded the Nano from normal to touch, added the cam to make it as Ipad two, and still produce huge amounts of the classic Ipod …

I want to know the right answer for this, why is that happening ?!

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