The United States of Facebook “USF”


If Facebook is a country, the Arabs are its citizens, and if Facebook is a country, the middle east is its geographic position ….


No one would believe that the Arabian Spring started from facebook, with all the restrictions in the arab countries, they started together, learned from each others and even coordinate with each others just to prove to the world that noone can stop them from changing their lives to better place using all the tools that can provide the freedom of speech and public voice.


but I have a question, if Facebook is a country, are you going to live their ? where everything is exposed and no privacy at all? and your life is just a WALL with pics and videos 😛

and if facebook was a country, what would it be called? United state of Facebook, the president is LIKE and the rules are (you can’t dislike). LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT or remain silent.