Photography Portfolio

Actually I didn’t need a blog for, i just needed it to be a portfolio for me, and that’s what made me search for a lot of websites that makes me able to make a good looking portfolio ….


and my search had the following results: is a great website, that offers alot of services according to the price that you are going to pay, and it starts from $25.5 til more than $100 .. it gives ready templates and many other features according to the package that you want to choose,,, for more details go to and then go to prices….  but I didn’t care that much about it,

because it was totally costly for me, because i didn’t want that features for, i just wanted a portfolio


WORDPRESS, that made me think twice about shifting from WORDPRESS, so i started to look for a theme that wordpress can offer for photography galleries, BUT SORRY, I DIDN”T LIKE THEM, and if you want to buy a theme from a third party, you would do along process to be able to setup the theme …. and the process was too complicated to me since i upload and manage my gallery on my website… so i said no for WORDPRESS .. PS: but for the people who wants to have a blog and comment on their pictures, or to tell the story of the picture, WORDPRESS is one of the best i used to have a portfolio on Deviantart, but the thingy with their portfolio is that you can;t add more than 4 galleries, and each gallery can handle only 18 pictures, and that is not a handy option in that gallery, because i might need only that much, but sometimes there is more and more.


500px: so i went to 500px and test it, and YEP it is one of the best, it has some ready templates, with unlimited number of uploads, unlimited number of galleries “collections as 500px call it” and it only costs $50 per year. Your profile on 500px will have a blog, activity “timeline” and some other features…. it is a photography social network specialized in photography other than DEVIANTART which is in all kind of pixel art. ANYWAYS you can sign in to 500px through your facebook account, so just go to and try it for free.

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