photography projects (2)

this is a second part from my old post (photograph projects) which was very popular, and alot of people feeded back me with alot of thanks because they used the tips I gave, and they felt that they achieved something in the photography word…


anyways, I’m giving here some new projects any photographer (Pro or Unpro photographer)  can use, and get new ideas or get more benefit from it:


11. Stay at home: and create some stories by the objects you have, and then take a photo with a special angle that the story can tell itself by just looking at, even if you helped the picture with some words, as a title to a picture or a small description, but don’t take a picture of one subject, as (your mobile, wallet, sun glass) you have to make a story:

12.Create a pattern: which you can be creative, that you can look for places that a pattern can be created in a picture, even if alot of people shoot that picture before.

13.Know your town: and go to the closest historical, or popular landmark, and take 100 picture for it, then go to the next one, it doesn’t have to be a building, it can be a garden, a mall, or even a stadium or a gallery room. anyways, go to each place in your town and take at least 100 pictures for it, and believe me, you’ll take more and more pictures. and even you can start your stock of photos get raised more and more.

14.Visit the streets: and take your SLR camera with some lenses and hit the streets to take some dynamic, real life pictures of people, cars and city life, don’t focus on any topic, just take pictures for anything you see and you like, but try to be professional with the right mood of shooting and the right lens, but if you feel that you will not be able to figure it out fast, then put it on manual and fix the pictures  at home by any photo editing program.

15.Portrait photograpy: your family are the easiest portraits that any photographer can reach to take photos for, because they are available for you, and after you practice your portrait photography with your family, and feel that your pictures reached a high quality level, then you can start taking portraits for random people, and even take portrait photos for people in the streets to collect some faces photos for your collection of any project you are thinking about.

Wait for my Street Photography Tips and tricks, specially in countries that they are afraid from being photographed such as the Arabian Gulf Countries…..

2 thoughts on “photography projects (2)

  1. Wow, what a quality it is! For the reason that mostly YouTube video tutorials have no pleasant feature, however this is genuinely a pleasant quality video.

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