It’s not about your camera

Millions of time i heard these sentences: I don’t have a good camera, oh your camera is helping you alot, what kind of cameras I should get to be a photographer ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is not about the camera, it is about the photographer himself, ……

I’m telling you the following, the good camera gives you a good picture that can be printed, the print out will be great, the mobile camera gives you a picture that if you printed it, it will not be clear at all, but that will not change the fact that the picture itself (or the idea of the picture) is good or bad.

there are millions of photos that are a pleasure to the eyes to look at, but they were taken by cameras that are just digital, without these fancy lenses and the fully optioned, but the photographer can use some photo editing techniques to make the picture so clear that noone can notice that it is taken by a normal camera

for example, these two pictures were taken by me @ 2009 by my mobile phone, it was A nokia with 3.5MPx, their resolution is low. but i really like both of them, and there are millions of pictures that are taken by the mobile, with very low “printed picture quality” or “zoomed picture quality” but it is so meaningful and very beautiful by its meaning….

there is another point,

Improve your skills in editing, follow a channel about adobe photoshop, or any other editing programs. Follow the news of the new techniques in creating the HDR pictures, new software as CS5 and its new features….. and that will make you able to use such things to increase the quality of your picture…

these tips will support you, and enhance the photography skill in you.

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