I started project 365

I heard alot about this kind of project, and I asked alot about it to know its advantages, and what would it add to my career, and that made them answer all with the same words, It will force you to create something new everyday, and it will make you look back in the time and remember each day.

so I created a collection in my portfolio and called it 365 <http://www.sawwarna.com/365> hoping that it will have a new picture each day, that can be the best picture i took that day. and because i decided to start this project on 1-1-2012, it will be easy to know when to finish this project.

well this is the first picture I uploaded to my portfolio, I dunno if it is good or not, but that what i had today, because I was stuck on my laptop finishing some reports i had from before, and didn’t give me enough time to think about outdoor photography, and this what I had.


so wish me luck, and I wish that I would keep loyal to the project.

t.c. all …. and hopefully after the mid point of the project, I would share my experience with it, and give the right feedback, because now, I can just copy paste other people, and this is not me who do this

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