RC planes

Actually yeah, I entered a new hobby nowadays which is RC planes….

I’m not gonna drop photography, but i felt that i couldn’t stuck to only one outdoor hobby, i should do something I like also, which is FLYING a plane.


I searched and made alot of studies on the gears that I should buy, the type of planes I should get, and the easiest way to enter such industry. and What i figured out is the following:

1- always make your studies, look at different videos, different websites, different retailers and then decide what to get.

2- start with the easy way, then up-grade yourself if you see yourself can handle it “if u have the skills, and the financial ability”| because I would not advice you, even if you are a milliner,  I would never advice you to start with a $12,000 RC plane, if you never see one before.

3- try to build  your own, and the easiest way to build one is with Foam, then upgrade to wood or Carbon (if you have the money)

4- ask alot of RC pilots before, they would give you alot alot of amazing advices that would make you change your mind of some important decisions you made about RC planes.

for me, I’m building F-22 raptor from Foam, its dimensions is about 122x86x25 cm, it has no plastic support, only 3 bars of Carbons to hold everything together.

I bought some electronic stuff from the internet, HOBBYKING.com is the retailer that I bought from, and actually, the same stuff are available here in UAE, but they are very very very very expensive, because I bought 9CH radio from hobbyking, and it costed me 40$, and here, it costs more than 100$ … I bought 8 servos $7 each, and here it costs 20$ each !!!… (the servo is the motor that control the wings, the tails and the elevator)

I’m waiting for the parts to arrive, and then I’ll post my comments on the parts, the plane itself, and my piloting skills:P:P 

I’m going to build EXTRA3000 because it is a funny plane, and F-18 because it is support powerful, and it can compete with the F-22  I’m building now …. this is the picture of my Plane Image

it is ugly now, because I’m 20% done from it, I still didn’t glue it because I’m waiting for the parts to come from china… and still have the 2nd wing to work on, the PILOT cover, the wiring, plugging all the electronics in the right diagram to have full control over the F22 , with the same Control of the fighting jets in BF3, the right stick controls the elevator and the ailerons … the left stick controls the motor speed and the Rudder… then I’ll add a mixer to the ailerons to have the HIGH ALFA ability, to keep the nose high while landing. If it all worked perfect, I’ll start designing the plane by adding some graphics to make it a real one.


wish me luck all by this new hobby, and please share with me any comment you have or a recommendation.

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