Some Ideas

Some Ideas just come right away before you sleep, while you are taking a shower or while you are in the bath doing number two ūüėõ


Anyways, I had an amazing idea for an amazing online business that might create a buzz, and MAYBE a large e-corporate as facebook, google, yahoo or LIVE might sponsor or buy as what happened with instagram when facebook bought it.

anyways … wish me luck, it is kinda a large project but my hopes are high and i think that is the spirit

Scuba Diving

I know that it passed long time since I posted in my blog, but my work and my studies are taking a large part from my life, that i had no time to do any new activity or do any photography….

Actually I take pictures for my little daughter El Reem (check her fb page) , but it is too hot here in United Arab Emirates to go outdoor and take photos.

Also with the RC planes, it is too hot to go and fly, because I think the Lipo¬†Battery¬†would explode in such¬†temperature so I’m keeping everything indoor until the weather get little cooler to fly the F22.


but the primary reason why I’m posting this, to tell about a new experience I had on my Birthday, when my beloved wife gave me a present (Open water Scuba Diving training from PADI) the¬†international¬†organization that gives¬†certificates to dive anywhere in the world.

PADI is Professional Association of Divers Instructors, and this course would let me dive until 18 meters with all the gear and the tools to be safe, and to be prepared for any emergency in that deep.

I started training In Ras Al Khaima (RAK) РUAE far from my house 170 KM or more, since i live in the middle of the desert. and we went as a group of 6 + David the instructor, me Lebanese, one Indian, two Chinese married couple, one girl from New Zealand and another girl from south Africa. and we went to an old ship which is resting on about 8 meters deep in RAK since 30 years or more, so Imagine the living features down there.


it was interesting experience, and yet i¬†didn’t;t finish my course, but I’m so motivated to finish, and then upgrade it to the 30 meters deep, I might get the GO PRO HD 2 to tape video underwater¬†documenting¬†my experience, and also keeping it as a memory for me and to share it with the online community….