Ice Cream Sandwich for Samsung galaxy s2

And finally, for United Arab Emirates and middle east countries who own Samsung galaxy S2, and after all this time, Now you can update your framework form the Android 2.something to Android 4.something


probably you’ll receive a notification on your mobile that you have an update, but then it will gives that there is a network error or something, that is because you will not be able to do the update without the Kies program on your computer.

Connect your mobile to the computer and install Kies (just google it) then it will ask you to update the S2 .. but be sure that the mobile is more than 60% battery because it will not update unless it has that battery level….

there are a lot of reviews on youtube about the IceCreamSandwich OS for samsung galaxy s2, so just surf there and you’ll find how amazing it is… and now we can say that, the s2 is as Samsung Galaxy Nexus and S3 with some of the hardware specifications differences.

THE ONE ADVANTAGE I wanted on my S2 is “Google Chrome browser” for my mobile, Google Chrome is the browser of Android 4 OS, but imagine that it is the number one App in Apple store, and in the same time, I was not able to download it to my S2 because my OS couldn’t handle it !!! but now, finally i had it.


Congrats every s2 lover, you can keep your mobile for more time now, and feel that you have the latest mobile, actually this is what I love about Samsung, they are not like apple, Imagine that my iPad one can’t have the last update they made “iOS 6″ just to force me to buy the New iPad or iPad 2 or what the rumor says that they would have the small iPad 7” inch …


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