Thoughts Organizer Needed

You could think that you miss understood the title, but believe me you didn’t…



I really need someone to help me with my thoughts, because as my mother used to tell me “you always hold more than a watermelon with your hand” which means that you don’t focus on one thing, and you always want to do many things in the same time…

time by time, I realized that she is true, I always jump into something new without completing or focusing on the thing that I’m already in, I’ll give you an example: I was into photography, and I was going to reach the level of being a professional photographer, but that needed a lot of time in marketing myself as a photographer, and reach a lot of places, organizations and even individuals to spread the word about me, so I created my photos portfolio online, and started on this blog to write about tips and tricks I found useful, Even I started to write a book about LOW BUDGET PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS AND TRICKS, but then suddenly I jumped into the R.C Planes with all the expensive parts and the time of building the foamy planes, and watching tons of Videos about the FPV planes, Tx Rx and many many other things that made me not able to focus on what I planned, Then I went to the University to study the Masters, so imagine the time and the effort of being in all of these ( A husband, a father, a photographer, a student, RC pilot).. so i stopped writing the book because all of the projects and studies I have to make.


Don’t forget all the business thoughts I tried to do, plan and design strategies for them, and to add some extra stuff, I went for diving and I really got attached to it, But this is not a problem because it made me able to practice two hobbies in the same time as a scuba diver and an Aqua photographer (no fancy cams, just a GoPro Hero2)


what I need is a real plan, a plan that makes me able to do everything I love, but in the same time, makes me able to do them Financially, physically and have the time to spend with my family.. I’m trying to get my wife into diving to go for diving trips together, but since my daughter is 7 months only, I think my wife will not be convinced in the very soon coming time.

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