I decided to start a YouTube Channel

Well, from the title you will know …

I’m making a new shift in my internet trend, and that is to create a YouTube Channel called AbFullHD. This channel will be a Vlog, not as the normal Vlogs on YouTube.

It will contain multi Playlists for different topics. The Main playlist contains time laps from many places around. Other playlists are going to have photography tutorials, Trips tips and tricks, Trips Vlogs, and finally, and the one that will be the most important playlist that I’m going to have, and in the same time, the most difficult topic that it will contain less videos but more entertaining contents is the footage clips that I’m learning to make.


Well, this is a big thing that I’m creating from the scratch, and it seems that it is really hard, and that’s why it needs a lot of time, work and effort to enter such a new thing. That made me create a working strategy or a plan to start my YouTube Channel as perfect as I can make it. My plan is divided into Milestones, which will make me know what stages I have, and what stages I finished. These Milestones are the following:


1) Create a channel name  (Done: AbFullHD)

2) Create a Channel Philosophy, which means “about AbFullHD”

3) Create a channel Logo

4) Create a Channel Intro


Now, I know exactly what is this channel about, as I mentioned above, But these blurred thoughts and ideas should be organized in the “about AbFullHD Channel” to create a trend or a multiple trending channel, but the most important thing is these multiple trends should be connected to a one base, cause and a reason. That will make marketing the channel more easier, and in the same time, there is a variety of topics that the channel would cover, and that will result a loyalty subscriber who knows the real reason of this channel.


Actually in Marketing, the way of getting first Adapters, or in YouTube terminology “first subscribers” is the reason of existence. YouTube has million of channels which covers all the topics in the world, and you can enter a channel which has amazing videos, well organized and present amazing topics. But there aren’t popular and the channel doesn’t have the massive number of subscribers that other simple and even under the average channels have. Because the other channels were able to reach the emotion of audience before telling them that we have an entertaining clips, educational or whatever they present.

Watch this YouTube Video about what I was talking about, and you will understand what I mean, This video is one of the amazing videos that I watched, and took as of the bases in my marketing career. and that is the reason why I put the milestone of the philosophy of the channel before the introduction and everything else.


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