The idea came to light




Well I’ve been back and forth on the internet for two years now, studying popular channel on YOUTUBE, every popular website that had its popularity from the social networks, popular people, popular products …etc

Today, with a little brain storming with my friend, 1:30AM while we were smoking outside my house, talking about life after graduation, we came up with a brilliant Idea for a business we will work together in…

to start the business, we will work out a**es hard to make a basement, “the beginning part in my estimation will take about 4-6 months with $0 cost” … then the second part of work will start, and that will be the fun part.

the second part is really my profession, it is the marketing with fully packed campaign through every channel we can get into it, to attract traffic and to expose ourselves… and from the analyses and the studies I did lately to what I mentioned in the beginning, we will not find any opsticals in the technicality of exposing ourselves to the market, because it appeared that it is very effective way of exposing ourselves, and YES IT IS AS YOU GUESS, it is YouTube.

Anyways, I’m not gonna expose the idea now, because it is in the foundation building stage, and I am pretty sure that a lot of extra ideas will come to to add more quality to the idea we have now…



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