My goals and objectives for 2013

it’s been too long that i didn’t write in my blog, but a lot happened in my life that made me not having the time to write in it.
A lot happened in these few months, I finished the MBA, Had the Advanced Scuba Diving License and Underwater Photography Certificate, Started a new hobby which is videography, I have now 2 GoPro Hero3 ( Black Edition + Silver Edition ) which are one of the Best Things I have, I bough a GlideCam HD 2000 for the stability, and Until now I didn’t officially opened my YouTube Channel, but this is why I’m posting this here, To make a commitment to my goals…

So My goals for the coming year, which is not 2013 resolution, no, it is from March the 5th 2013 to March the 5th 2014, and i want to At least achieve 70% of these goals to feel satisfied that I did something special for this year, and I’m posting my goals to the public to commit to it, and I advise you to do the same…. so here we go:

I  Promise -Insha’ Alla- to achieve at least 70% of the following by 5th of March 2013:

1- Learn a new sport (any kind of sport, no matter where)
2- Find a University to do my PhD in it (no matter where too)
3- Have Subscribers, Readers, Fans and Followers for my Youtube channel, Blog, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter (minimum 300 for each one)
4- Create a frequent activity on the internet (at least two Blog posts and one Video per Month)
5- Travel to a country that I’ve never been before (Malaysia, Seychelles islands, or any of the Carribean islands)
6- Learn a new computer skill (no preference, but it should be useful for me)
7- improve the Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premier, and Adobe Photoshop skills

And If I remembered or thought about any thing i want to achieve in this year, I will update this post to stay committed to my future goals


Wish me luck people, and … Bye