My goals and objectives for 2013

it’s been too long that i didn’t write in my blog, but a lot happened in my life that made me not having the time to write in it.
A lot happened in these few months, I finished the MBA, Had the Advanced Scuba Diving License and Underwater Photography Certificate, Started a new hobby which is videography, I have now 2 GoPro Hero3 ( Black Edition + Silver Edition ) which are one of the Best Things I have, I bough a GlideCam HD 2000 for the stability, and Until now I didn’t officially opened my YouTube Channel, but this is why I’m posting this here, To make a commitment to my goals…

So My goals for the coming year, which is not 2013 resolution, no, it is from March the 5th 2013 to March the 5th 2014, and i want to At least achieve 70% of these goals to feel satisfied that I did something special for this year, and I’m posting my goals to the public to commit to it, and I advise you to do the same…. so here we go:

I  Promise -Insha’ Alla- to achieve at least 70% of the following by 5th of March 2013:

1- Learn a new sport (any kind of sport, no matter where)
2- Find a University to do my PhD in it (no matter where too)
3- Have Subscribers, Readers, Fans and Followers for my Youtube channel, Blog, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter (minimum 300 for each one)
4- Create a frequent activity on the internet (at least two Blog posts and one Video per Month)
5- Travel to a country that I’ve never been before (Malaysia, Seychelles islands, or any of the Carribean islands)
6- Learn a new computer skill (no preference, but it should be useful for me)
7- improve the Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premier, and Adobe Photoshop skills

And If I remembered or thought about any thing i want to achieve in this year, I will update this post to stay committed to my future goals


Wish me luck people, and … Bye

One thought on “My goals and objectives for 2013

  1. Just tell me when create your YouTube channel, I’ll be the first to subscribe. Good luck with with your goals 🙂

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