Scuba Diving, Wall climbing, Shooting aaaand Photography ~ P90X

you would wonder what is the common between the four of them, and I’ll tell you that there is no common but they are all what I like.

Everytime I tell someone that I went to dive, he would start asking all the stupid question as “why would you dive twice at the same location, don’t you get bored ?” and I always think about how boring is he when he asks the same question again and again… any scuba diver would know that the non scuba diver would be jealous but in the same time they are not as fun as we are. 


Wall climbing is a new thing I’m going to try the following weeks, which they opened a new one in our city and it is closer to where I live, I think I’m going to take the course of 8 classes to see if I would climb or just for the sake of trying something new. Shooting is something I do often, and sometimes I need to shoot an aim better than shooting someone in the head,

Photography, Oh photography… I’m really sorry to say that I went to lebanon on April and I didn’t take my Camera, I took only my GoPro Hero3 to take some videos ! Yeah I’m far lil bit from photography and I’m into videography these days…


I want to try Kayaking, but I have no time because whenever I come close to the sea, I Dive! I want to collect the 100 dive soon for my Dive Master.

Anyways, I want to start the program P90X to follow it with the Body Beast, and I’ll log my exsersizes week by week here on my blog, hoping that sharing would help me in focusing on the workout

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