Finally I started my YouTube Channel

YEP !!! 31654

I did it, I pulled the trigger and I did it, I started my first YouTube channel… it took me too long, but I think the long time that made me delay my lunch is very important.
What I did is that before a year and a half (and it is always the magic number, a year and a half, ask any person, when did you start thinking about this project, he will always say, mmm about a year and a half) anyways, before a year and a half, i started thinking about starting my youtube channel, but i didn’t know where to start from. then from that time until yesterday, i sat everyday in front of the screen studying YouTube ! Believe it or not, I went into every popular YouTube channel and went through everything they do, they have and they use, then i take the important notes, and I found out a lot of important things ! believe it or not, I relaunched the nerd inside me to study about 100 YouTube Channel.
Then for the last 5 months, I started thinking about my channel content, because my studies told me that the channel should focus on one thing or two only, and if i want to cover many fields, i have to create more than one channel and this is still early because I didn’t start the first channel yet.

There are many things I had to decide, such as:

  • Am I going to appear in my channel?
  • Is it a tutorial channel or is it for fun channel?
  • Am I going to create short movies for people with heavy directing, or just taking time laps and some footage and post them online

There is no right answer, all of that works out, and there are channels in every field, but it is always about (what will suit me)

then I figured it out after studying more YouTube Channels, and here is what I figured:

First of All, I figured out that there is a start point for any youtube channel, and this point is the easiest to start. Start with a channel that is under your name , as what i did … because the thing that I spent most of the time thinking about is the name of the channel. but like this, it is much easier to start and to enter YouTube world. (in an old post, I said that I will start a channel called AbFullHD) but then I Changed my mind, because I don’t want to do the same mistake as the mistake of, which I will make a post telling the write and the wrong about

Second, upload two or three videos before you start marketing your channel, don’t make your channel private, even if you have only one video, because it can get some views. but when you have two or three videos, and people start getting to your channel, a view will attract another view, and a subscribe attracts another.

Third, start your marketing by creating the two most important things to any youtube channel, a twitter account and facebook page.
In my case, because the youtube channel is under my name, the twitter account is my personal twitter account, but I had to do the facebook page under my name.

Last, after lunching the channel try to connect with the large YouTube producers. Especially the ones in your area, because then you might produce a co-video together, and the video will be featured in both channels, yours and their channel.

I’ll keep the blog for more updates about the performance of the YouTube Channel, and until the moment I published this post, the video of the channel had 461 Views but only 4 subscribers… anyways, I need to work more on my channel to increase the number of the subscribers and to generate a loyalty from the viewers. Watch the Video and tell me what do you think about it.. also keep in touch with me on my contacts and Chill Out 😉

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