Jumping around

It all started when everything appeared to be dark, I didn’t know what to do, So I decided that I will create my own destiny.

After all the falls I had, all the ups and downs I’ve got, the time has arrived to establish an achievement in the real world. An Achievement that I should work so hard on it, so one day I can lay back and say that this is what my whole life I worked for. But where should I start ?

I looked around and I’ve got scared, I have no backup for any fail, I can’t enter a large risk, yet there is nothing without risk. I have to study more, I have to be aware, but is that the road that can me success, how many times I should fail and finally, If I failed, Am I going to come back again ?

It is scary but it is beautiful scary, such as a one year gap backpacking around the world. It is beautiful scary such as getting married, having a baby, or moving into another country. It is Beautiful scary as the first time I jumped from a boat to do a 18 meters Dive to a Wrack in RAK-UAE.

Until now I couldn’t start any of the ideas I have, not because I can’t, but because I’m studying them more and more. Now I’m reading, before I was watching, and next I should listen, then finally I will act, and I WILL do that.

It is hard not to start after all the thinking, but it is harder to start before you do all the thinking and the studying. I dunno what to do, but i know that I will do eventually, and every try count.


Cute story from a workshop

Since I started giving workshops and training, I started to face very funny situations in the lecture room, between me and the students. One of the stories is that I was giving a workshop for kids, “Introduction to photography for kids” and a girl who really was good at photography asked me a question. I stepped to her group table and held her camera to tell her exactly what to do, and While i was talking to her, i felt something wierd on my hand !!

I looked at my hand and she was touching the hair of my hand !! hahaha, I was shocked and I started laughing, she is only 7 years old …..
This is one of the storied that I really find funny 😉