Alice in wonderland


“You are going to visit the wonderland” .. this is what my manager told me when he decided that I’m going on a business trip to India. I didn’t care that much, Travelling is something I really enjoy, and wonderland is something I want to see, I felt like Alice, entering the bunny hole, reaching to a land with all these beautiful weird wonders that we will never face in normal life.

I traveled to many countries, Bangkok smell, Jakarta’s gray sky, Bali’s motor cycle jam, Syria old cars,  and many many things that I will never forget. I will never forget because I was reminded by them in India !!! India is a country where all the negative things in the third world country is combined here in Bangalore! at least in around the place I’m living at.

I wished that it is a beautiful wonderland, but what my manager meant is that I’ll have the shock of my life. Maybe everyone need this one period of his/her time, like losing virginity. You need to go from the life that you thought it is ugly, and go to a country where it is corrupted, poverty level is high, life style is very hard and you will not get used to it !

So hi, My name is Abed, I’m in wonderland, not the one that Alice visited, but the one that is the opposite.

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