When not to be promoted ?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAFuAAAAJDNlZDhhMGEzLWFkMmMtNGNlMS1iNmIxLWM4ZjcyMTE3NTZjZAAs per any employee, everyone work hard, try to prove himself just to reach the point, that after the performance appraisal happens, he or she receive the latter to tell that ( according to your results in the past year, we are glad to promote you to be a team leader, a manager, a senior manager, a plant manager,…) what ever the next grade is.

Well, a promotion is not positive in all cases … and also not positive in most cases (in certain dimensions). Imagine Ahmad, an employee who works in a multinational organization, where he works in a cubical desk, with three other co-workers who worked there for the past 7 years, and he was there for only 6 months. The higher level managers liked him for his personality, sent a memo to his team (we need new blood, so Ahmad now is the head of the team). Do you think Ahmad will be effective ? will he be respected with the more experienced co-workers ? even if his salary is less, but he is in charge! he is promoted a negative promotion.

Imagine another Ahmad, who works in a very small manufacturing company. He is not an engineer, just a marketing manager with MBA certificate, and there is two other engineers who are handling all the operations. Ahmad received a letter from the owner of the company that (you are the manager of the company, you are 100% authorized to do anything, as if you are the owner). Well !!!!! this is a very negative promotion. A marketing person will never be able to know how to manage two engineers and other labors. Also if the engineers reported to him, he will never fully understand the reports, so in case of an emergency, in case of fast decisions, and also in the process of decision making, he will not give the accurate, most efficient decision to make the work flow smooth.

I know that every one want to be promoted, but also another point is there.
A promotion for a non qualified employee, will make this employee over qualified after he start looking for another job opportunities. maybe as an experience, he will not have the high experience, but as a position, he will be over qualified, and recruiters will just “skip” his application. Exactly like a zero experience person who runs for a MBA… (we liked your Resume, but we are sorry to tell you that you are over qualified, we will archive your application for future usages, which you all the luck).

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