The first day at School

The first step for the future 14 years + college has been started for my little girl, .. I still remember how she came out of the delivery room with open eyes, looking around the new world she has entered to !
I still remember the first time I changed her diaper, the first time she throw up all over my face and hair, as if she came out yesterday… no not yesterday, the day before … because yesterday my daughter has started the first in Kinder Garden the first KG01….

She is the one who whenever speaks, I feel weird as I’m still not able to realize that she is able to speak…

she is the one who gives funny comments on stuff that her mother and I wouldn’t even notice …

She is the one who I pray all day all nights that I can provide her a great life for a great future Inshalla..

the first step to this life wasn’t yesterday, it was the day she entered this world, and I’m sure that she will change it inshalla to a better place..


The Other Side Of The Screen Is My World


The other side of the screen is the world I want to live in, the other side of the computer screen is the world that I find myself in.

Since I was young, I had many ideas, and tried a lot of them, I have created a podcast website (msn space) before podcasts were there, and created a website ( which I literately thought about its layout while I was sleeping. But life on internet and by internet has changed dramatically, and every three to four months, a new thing appears.

To start a fan base, and to deliver a content to this fan base, I have to focus on few social media platforms, but cover all the platforms to be able to attract larger number of followers, subscribers and readers.

we have very powerful tools to share to the world, but each tool has followers with different demographics, and a calendar of posts, quotes, updates and creation should not only determine the social media platform and the timing, also it should determine the type of content it should have, to whom it is directed, and what kind of marketing it requires .

all of these thoughts of mine are still not connected together, but I promise that I’m going to connect them together soon, specially with the different activities and posts types I do.

for the time being … I’m semi active on instagram, twitter, linkedin,¬†wordpress, and youtube… but I will try to cover snapchat, and facebook again.

the subjects that I’m welling to cover:

I’m hoping for the best, because I know and I’m very sure that my life will go for the best if I started doing what I really like and what I really want to be doing… an entrepreneur through the internet, I have other contact with a business model that I’m creating that will be a new thing insha’allah.

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