Working in The Whatsapp Era

Notification phobia is a phobia that will always makes you want to check the notification you received on your phone, and making you feel that you are obligated to check and reply to that notification. this is what most of the people who has smart phones have, and you can check that by sending a whatsapp message to anyone, and see how long it will take before him/ her reading the message and replying to it !

Even before, replying to the message was was not obligated by the receiver, but now with having the “read” or “seen” signs with documented timings made the receiver obligated to reply !

Some managers use this phobia to their advantages, and send request and orders outside the working timings to their employees knowing that the employee will start loosing focus on what he is doing, and reply to his manager with the answer required ! and this is not a big problem, the big problem is to have your manager on a business trip, in a different timing area, on a weekend or a national holiday, and that manager start sending you requests and questions, and asking for infos and other details that it will require you to do some analyses and tests before replying !

imagine what will a notification phobia person will do ? of course he will be so worried not to reply !

so a suggestion from my side to anyone who might face such a problem, if you can , just switch off your phone, put it on flight mode, or agree with your manager not to do this anymore !

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