Home Country

I was born and lived all my life in a country, but I’m from another one. I visit my home country every year, sometimes I do short visits every six months just to visit my family and see my relatives.. Also to remember the old days when I used to get to the country for three continues months to spend the summer vacation in it.

In the last seven visits, I noticed that most of people here in my home country are not willing to improve their live style, not to get into new stuff, and not welling to read (at least) anything !!    Their primary thought is where to spend their weekend, and in which cafe to spend their night ! .. the subjects that they talk about is only about other people, and nothing to get benefit of !

It is too hard to leave the country for one full year, come back to home country and listen to the same subject they talk about !! it is really hard to see that the world is moving forward and they are setting still, and for real, setting still is actually moving backward !

every visit, I have high expectation that we are going to have a lot of fun, be close to the relatives, and every visit reality is too lower than my expectation, and I always say “next time, I’m going to lower my expectation more and more”

I don’t have anything to say, but hoping that next visit will be better, and feel that the country is developing and moving to a better place.