Not Interested in Your Hobby

collecting-hobby-icon-set-17981658For a long time, I felt that I’m alone, because I’m the kind of a person who like to have people around me, do whatever I like to do… But I wasn’t success in this.

I always used to try to convince my friends to join me with at least one of the activities I do, especially when I started Scuba Diving, I wanted my friends to experience the amazing experience i’m having, and also to have a company with me on the long road trips I used to do to reach a diving resort/center, but also it was an unsuccessful try.

Also when I started flying RC planes, noone even wants to go and watch, at least watch man,, NO ! …. so what I’m trying to say is the following:

It doesn’t matter if they are your friends, they might not be interested !

You might be totally into a hobby or a thingy you have, and you will feel that everyone around you should be interested and willing to listen to what you are telling about it, but NOT REALLY! … try once, if they didn’t ask you about it again, don’t mention it because they are bored of what you told them about the last time ! (even if you posted a video of yourself on instagram or youtube practicing, they might not even LIKE it !…. believe me ! a double click on the pic is too much for them if they don’t like it)

Create a group for each hobby.

You might have many interests and hobbies, you might like to wall climb, taste chocolate and play cards…
you might like to scuba dive, RC planes, road trips and photography (like myself) …..    so now I have a group of people (no need to be friends, but some of them will be in the future), and there is no need for them to know each others, RC pilots are your RC planes friends. I know it will be better if some of them do other hobbies with you, but it is so damn hard to merge between them.


It is easier these days, to feel that you are not alone, and to feel that you are practicing your hobbies, specially when it is long time that you were super busy with your career or home duties that you are not able to get five hours for yourself to play cards, watch a movie or even visit cafe for a cup cake.

Unleash the Salesman inside you.

if you still not convinced and still want your friends to join you, try to sell your hobby to them a a product, not pushing it to their faces, but use the right marketing tools and marketing mix to attract them to it, if you have a friend who has low budget, don’t tell him the price !   if one of your friends doesn’t like long distances , don’t start with the place of your hobby, specially if it is far… but use the close places that you practice one of the hobbies you have.

The final option.

If you tried and tried and no one was interested, look at their hobbies and practice it with them, motivate them to do it in other places, other ways. And then wish that they like you more, and they want to get into your hobby zone.

The Other Side Of The Screen Is My World


The other side of the screen is the world I want to live in, the other side of the computer screen is the world that I find myself in.

Since I was young, I had many ideas, and tried a lot of them, I have created a podcast website (msn space) before podcasts were there, and created a website ( which I literately thought about its layout while I was sleeping. But life on internet and by internet has changed dramatically, and every three to four months, a new thing appears.

To start a fan base, and to deliver a content to this fan base, I have to focus on few social media platforms, but cover all the platforms to be able to attract larger number of followers, subscribers and readers.

we have very powerful tools to share to the world, but each tool has followers with different demographics, and a calendar of posts, quotes, updates and creation should not only determine the social media platform and the timing, also it should determine the type of content it should have, to whom it is directed, and what kind of marketing it requires .

all of these thoughts of mine are still not connected together, but I promise that I’m going to connect them together soon, specially with the different activities and posts types I do.

for the time being … I’m semi active on instagram, twitter, linkedinwordpress, and youtube… but I will try to cover snapchat, and facebook again.

the subjects that I’m welling to cover:

I’m hoping for the best, because I know and I’m very sure that my life will go for the best if I started doing what I really like and what I really want to be doing… an entrepreneur through the internet, I have other contact with a business model that I’m creating that will be a new thing insha’allah.

currently, follow me on:

Reading a book

After all these digital words and paragraphs as I’m writing now, I had a confused thought about purchasing a new book. should I get it on my ipad or should I go to the library to purchase it from there ?

Then I started to remember my father’s opinion about books, how he holds the book, smell the papers, touch the cover and touch the pages, how he write notes, highlight and translate some words, my father has this philosophy about reading, so he is a very important reference to this issue.


I decided to purchase it as a physical book, and guess what ! I’m really happy with my decision, reading a book before sleeping though a paper is much acceptable by me than reading it through a screen with all the notifications jumping around


my new list of books is the following:

The Rules of Life – Richard Templar

Maps of My Life – Guy Browning

Obliquity – John Kay

Trading Up – Michael J. Silverstein and Neil Fiske

Confessions of a radical industrialist – Ray Anderson with Robin White

Confidence at Work – Ros Taylor


I’m a kind of reader who reads a little from each book, then jump to another book to read, so when i finish a book, I finish all the books together (3 to 4 at a time)


I might post my opinion about each book, because I’m trying a new method in blogging.


keep posted

Why Did I Quit Smoking?

I started smoking before 9 years, and before that, I used to try but I wasn’t a continuance smoker until 2005.

I used to like the habit, and I was a proud smoker. I used to show off with my smoking tricks and how I smoke in a lot of forms of smokes as Cigarettes mainly, HOKA or SHISHA, and something local here in UAE called Midwakh, which is a kind of pipe.

I didn’t try to stop smoking at all, but I didn’t smoke infront of my parents, even when they knew that I’m a smoker, i didn’t because it is a tradition here that we don’t smoke or talk about smoking infront of our parents, specially the father.

I didn’t have any kind of sickness related to smoking, and I was an active person who did a lot of activities, and I used to sing a little but didn’t feel that smoking affected my life style that I had, no! it was a part of my life style!
I used to design my day around smoking, so whenever I wake up, I had to prepare coffee for the morning cigarettes, I had to prepare a juice or purchase one whenever I ride my car, because I want to smoke, I didn’t mind standing up in the hot desert weather we have to enjoy a smoke. It was a life style and it was not a problem for me.

I have got married and my wife didn’t mind my smoking, but not in the house, so i used to smoke in the balcony, and I didn’t complain about it. then suddenly, i started to think about my lifestyle, I wanted to take control over my life on all dimensions that are controllable, so I sat a set of goals, first goal was stopping smoking!

I didn’t stop smoking because of a sickness, i didn’t stop it because of financial crises or anything, I stopped smoking because I wanted to test myself, to test if I can control the thing that I’m attached to, so I stopped smoking at 27/03/2013 and I’m proud of it.

I really feel proud about myself, and I really feel that enough self esteem to say that I can control my life. and I feel more active towards change to the better.

Moving to iOS

I was one of the people who always was against APPLE products, even though I had the iPad, i always was against APPLE, and I always used to advice my friends to purchase androids.


When Apple introduced iPhone 4s, I purchased the samsung s2, and i was amazed with the ability of customization that I was able to do, and the amount of applications that i was able to download, especially that I was a BlackBerry user, who was just stuck with its stupid ecosystem (if it has one). And then my closest friend bought the iphone 4s. I used to laugh at him, because he couldn’t do anything from what I was doing, and that is that trap that I was in, I thought I was doing more, but I did in the first few days, then I started to use the phone just like an iphone.

The thing that I wasn’t saying is that I had a mobile that I couldn’t get the accessories that I wanted, but my friend did, and i was stuck with the plasticy, out of proportion mobile that I had to use it by two hand, even though i used to argue that it is a smarter phone, with more specification, but i was in that swinging mood between loving the system and hating the physical touch of it. and that made me sell the plastic toy I used to have. 

I sold the s2, and I started using the BlackBerry Z10, which I thought that it is the next innovative mobile that will be in the market, and I wasn’t more wrong about it.

I still have the Z10, and I bought the Samsung S4 to my wife, with all these air gestures that it has, and all the specifications that APPLE doesn’t have, but guess what ! all these options are switched off, because there is no need for it !! i wouldn’t hover my finger above the album to check what is inside, and I wouldn’t tilt my head to scroll down a page. and touching the screen makes me feel that I was touching a toy, it is a big plasticy phone that I can’t scroll down the notification bar with one hand, unless I do some kind of acrobatic move raising the chance to drop the phone !


So I made my decision, I’m moving to iOS, and that is for the following reasons:


1) The strong ecosystem

APPLE AppStore  is the best store compared to Android Play Store, windows, and BlackBerry. It is the safest, and the richest store ever. Most of the application are built right, that runs so smooth on APPLE devices, and everyone can feel that AppStore respects the hardware that the devices have, and provide a compatible applications for it.



Apple has one of the largest communities, and this community loves apple, and loves apple’s customers, and that made them produce a huge amount of accessories that are fit only for apple. Go to any mobile accessories store, and you’ll find that 70% of the accessories they have is Apple friendly. but you will not find that with the huge android providers such as Samsung, HTC and LG. I’m not saying that there is no accessories, but not as Apple’s.


3) Quality not Quantity


Until today, My friend has his iPhone 4s, and it is running iOS 7 smoothly, but I sold my S2 4 months ago, and before selling it, it had all these cheap scratches from the Cheap Quality.

Samsung provides a lot of features in its mobiles, and a lot of specifications that 90% of the S4 users disable just to save battery. I’m not saying that they are not innovative, Yes they are, but they are useless, and the devices have very low quality.
I’m saying that iPhone provides high quality products that can last a lot longer, with the specifications that 90% of the users are satisfied with, and they don’t want more. (I’m not saying about HTC, because 


4) After Market Price


it is a very important features, iPhone has the highest after market price, and that is very motivational for me, maybe because I upgrade from phone to phone a lot, and because when i want to sell to move to another brand, i will garantee that I will not loose much value


I’m thinking about getting the iPhone 5s, and enter the world of iOS not by the iPad, but by the iPhone. Even though I invested some money in Google Play store purchasing a lot of application, but I think it worth it, because Apple provides the thing that are useful, not more, and it is well done, balanced device with a balanced system with the balanced hardware it has. I think I’m going to love it, and I hope so.

The Social War, til when ?

Now, there are major three social network websites who are at war …. Twitter , Facebook and Google Plus …

and by competition, the benefit will come back to the user who will gain more by adding new features and new services by each social network …. til now i didn’t quit any of my accounts, that because each website has its own features … but m afraid that three of them start to be the same.

Now you can change the background of your facebook, and can choose a mood for yourself in chatting, also you have a stream of posts and pictures and notes ….

Now you can upload pictures to twitter, and have the Activity tab which will change your twitter into something similar to your facebook homepage .. and in the same way, you can change the background of your profile….


Now there are games on Google Plus, and already there is the BUZZ, +1 and the photos … the profile page is as facebook with the 5 pic.s banner and profile picture on the left …………..

for me , i prefer google + til now because of the BLACK navigator it has which changed the web to a cloud which might compete with the coming iCloud………

I used to looooooovve and respect facebook for the email they had, which was going to kill google,

now i have and …… I’m so confused and I don’t know which one will be my primary email !!!!



I’m waiting for this war to end , and then we all can decide which one of them represent you, and which does not. !!!


p.s: facebook outsourced the layout changes they had by adding the button at the right down corner, and the source is ………… i don’t know why , but this is something new ………

140 Character

as we all know, all of the social network users thought that twitter is just a joke, but day by day, they prove us that 140 is enough to give your voice to the people. as the Arabian quote which is said “the best talk is the short and meaningful” and I noticed that most of my friends on facebook and Linkedin are using twitter to share through their profiles … I Do the same, I don’t share anything on facebook or linkedin, I just open my twitter through my Ipad or Blackberry and post their, DONE it is on facebook and linkedin,,,, BUT THE weird thingy that why didn’t Google+ connect itself to twitter too?

Also their another weird question, Why can’t we join Google+ without an invite?? what is the big deal? are they going to create their own circles to know who knows whom? isn’t that lil weird or it is their own way of BUZZ the users as they did with the Gmail before ?  IT IS Weird but effective, coz when 200Million users within a short time joined google+, then all the internet users know each others !!

How to Promote your Photography Skills and Be Popular

One of the most important step that a photographer should take, is to promote his skills, and to think about his skills as a brand name.. and a lot of photographers don’t have the enough money to us marketing agencies. so there are simple steps that the photographers can do to get some reputation in the media market, at least in a small area.

1- Divide your Gallery into categories to make it easy to access, and you’ll be able to find a lot of categories for your photos, so just make it sample and easy to understand, so as a first step, don’t make subcategories, so don’t put (people > portraits > studio photography) just make it People or Portrait, then when you have stock of pictures and images, you can sub-categorize the photos.     I use the following Categories: <Portraits>, <Transportation>, <Skyline and Landscapes>, <Events & Trips>, <Animals, Birds and Fishes>, <Architecture & Urban>, <Commercial>, <Fashion>, and <Flowers & Plants>.

These categories are going to make the filtering of the photos very easy, then you will go to the next step.

2- Create online gallery PLUS a portfolio, and you can do that in a very sample way, the first sample way is to create an online profile on one of the free social network websites, such as DeviantArt / Flicker/ 500px / photoblog …etc there are alot of these websites, and in these websites, as, you can upgrade your profile by 10$ yearly , and that will give you more professional organizing for the profile, and then you’ll be able to create a portfolio using it.

if you know lil bit about managing a website, or simple blogging, you can create your own weblog and have more control on your gallery as I did with

WHY SHOULD A PHOTOGRAPHER GO ONLINE ?? because of the next step:

3- Go to the Market by Reaching the potential customers, or your marketers who are free. You can start sending the URL of your gallery, and it doesn’t need to be a paid full domain, as .com or .net or whatever, you can send a simple link as, or It is cool to send such links, because the content is the important feature not the domain. Maybe when you get more visitors, you’ll have to buy a domain for your page.

4- Distribute your Business Card to the marketing agencies, studios, cars show rooms, and many many places who need photographers. BUT YOUR Business Card should be innovative, and representative. Also it should have your online Gallery Link, because people who have a need for a photographer, will check your photos online and then the WANT will be generated.

5- Be Straight and Clear about your Pricing System, then you’ll not be embarrassed, also you can put for yourself a discount percentage, so that will be clear, so 15% discount can be fair for your friends, and the frequent customers. PUT your prices online, and define a very clear system, as (Indoor in the same city: 20$ per Hour) (Outdoor in the same city: 30$ per Hour) (Trips: 35$ Per Hour or 200$ for the Whole Trip) …. ETC

6-Organize your Schedule, and always be ready for delaying any appointment from 30 minutes to one hour, so create a flexible schedule, and you can POST IT ONLINE, so people will be able to know your activity, and your location all the time to make the booking system more easier and efficient.

7- Let Your Fans Follow You, and be able to know the capacity of your followers, so create an online profile like facebook or twitter, and then you can broadcast any feed you want that you want people to know, comment and interact with you.

by following these simple steps, you’ll be able to create a buzz in the market, and be able to collect a very big base of fans, followers and customers. It will take a lot of time to do all these steps, but there is no single time frame, there is always variables according to the season, city and type of photography you do.