The first day at School

The first step for the future 14 years + college has been started for my little girl, .. I still remember how she came out of the delivery room with open eyes, looking around the new world she has entered to !
I still remember the first time I changed her diaper, the first time she throw up all over my face and hair, as if she came out yesterday… no not yesterday, the day before … because yesterday my daughter has started the first in Kinder Garden the first KG01….

She is the one who whenever speaks, I feel weird as I’m still not able to realize that she is able to speak…

she is the one who gives funny comments on stuff that her mother and I wouldn’t even notice …

She is the one who I pray all day all nights that I can provide her a great life for a great future Inshalla..

the first step to this life wasn’t yesterday, it was the day she entered this world, and I’m sure that she will change it inshalla to a better place..