Why Did I Quit Smoking?

I started smoking before 9 years, and before that, I used to try but I wasn’t a continuance smoker until 2005.

I used to like the habit, and I was a proud smoker. I used to show off with my smoking tricks and how I smoke in a lot of forms of smokes as Cigarettes mainly, HOKA or SHISHA, and something local here in UAE called Midwakh, which is a kind of pipe.

I didn’t try to stop smoking at all, but I didn’t smoke infront of my parents, even when they knew that I’m a smoker, i didn’t because it is a tradition here that we don’t smoke or talk about smoking infront of our parents, specially the father.

I didn’t have any kind of sickness related to smoking, and I was an active person who did a lot of activities, and I used to sing a little but didn’t feel that smoking affected my life style that I had, no! it was a part of my life style!
I used to design my day around smoking, so whenever I wake up, I had to prepare coffee for the morning cigarettes, I had to prepare a juice or purchase one whenever I ride my car, because I want to smoke, I didn’t mind standing up in the hot desert weather we have to enjoy a smoke. It was a life style and it was not a problem for me.

I have got married and my wife didn’t mind my smoking, but not in the house, so i used to smoke in the balcony, and I didn’t complain about it. then suddenly, i started to think about my lifestyle, I wanted to take control over my life on all dimensions that are controllable, so I sat a set of goals, first goal was stopping smoking!

I didn’t stop smoking because of a sickness, i didn’t stop it because of financial crises or anything, I stopped smoking because I wanted to test myself, to test if I can control the thing that I’m attached to, so I stopped smoking at 27/03/2013 and I’m proud of it.

I really feel proud about myself, and I really feel that enough self esteem to say that I can control my life. and I feel more active towards change to the better.