Why Do They Want to Choose You?

Living in a very competitive labor market is very hard these days, specially if you are looking for a new job, opportunity or a short term outsourced project to do on a side of your permanent job. It is too hard to get an interview, and it is much harder to be called for a follow up interview or at least to discuss your requirements as an employee with the expected salary amount that you will write down, and then they will offer half of it.

this case is not only for employees, it is also for instructors in many fields (soft skills instructors, Scuba Diving instructors, Yoga, body building, Dancing ….etc) … also for artists, signers, musicians, youtubers, podcasters  every skill has a huge competition these days and it is too damn hard to get between them.

So the question is Why the employer should choose you ? 

the Answer is (differ yourself from your competitors) and it comes in stages:

  • Be a professional in your field

The first step is to be a professional in your field, cover every information in the field that you want, reach the level that if anyone asked you any question, you are ready to answer and ready to give extra information, because if you couldn’t answer, then you don’t know ! .. expect any question and be ready for stupid comments on your answer from people who like to ask only, deal with them in a professional way to reflect to the people that you are the man.

but this is not enough, because there is always others who know more than you, or know what you know exactly, but congratulation, you reach the level of being in this group of people who are 20% of the people in your field.

  • Start talking

After having the confident that you know what 80% of people don’t know, start talking about what you know, a man told me one time “I should not be down to earth, i should show that I’m equal to them in this particular field, no I’m better than you, I’m unique, because I can do something I cannot do, always say this to everyone, but only say it if it is about the field you are professional in” … and I believe in this, because every person is a potential employer for you, if this potential employer didn’t see that you are proud of what you have, and you always talk about it, then you will not be any close to the potential employment you will get.

  • Be Up to Date

This is the point that can really make you unique from others, specially from older people who have more experience but more duties to do that they are not free to follow the updated practices about the profession and the field you are in. Let’s assume that you are a Videographer, always follow what new softwares, techniques, and gears are produced, because if you do, now you are a head step of people who are now working on a project and can’t find the time to sleep.

  • Participate in the discussions

Because you will start to be known in the field, start a discussion about the topics that are related to what you know, give your personal opinions and ask for other’s opinions. As a photographer hobbyist, I was able to learn new things from kids, talking about things that I didn’t know from their point of view, and it helped me a lot in my hobby.

  • Create your name

Now you are ready, ready to create a new thing in the field, something that will make your name well known in the field you are in. For example, if you are a professional career trainer, a content that is unique, for a need that is very hard, that will make everyone connect you to that need. Be unique in your designs, the way you give the information, that way you wear your clothes, how you talk, how you listen, the things that you do in daily bases, the things you eat, the way you smile, the way you laugh, and in any thing that is related to the field, and this will make you unique.

Being Unique in your field will get to you more work, and more headache, the positive and the negative. That will force you to know how to deal with bad moments, and bad comments, and will teach you how to change the negative into a positive to work on yourself more, because remember, people don’t like change, and don’t accept the uniqueness from the first time.

Add this to your career path, and put an effort on marketing yourself, and that will make you see the answer of (why they want to choose me?)

The Art of Meetings

This is a fact not an opinion, everyone knows what I’m talking about !

being active all day, and then you receive a meeting invitation, you attend it and you spend four hours of doing nothing, but listening to the meaningless statistics, the unbelievable reasons and the unrealistic solutions that everyone will put and discuss just to cover the meeting timing !

let’s get back a little and start by telling exactly what is happening with me,..

We have a huge client that we have three huge contacts with them. As a result, I need to have frequent meetings with the procurement department and their production team to solve the issues we both face, and to give better solutions for everything. I know that it is reasonable, and it is, but to the point where these meetings are too frequent that when we have them, we just don’t have anything new to give, only to follow the updates and that is normal too…

My problem starts with having a meeting with large number of people, and having from our side also a large number of people and has nothing to talk about only one subject that was solved at the first 10 minutes of the meeting !.. then the unnecessary subjects will open just to fill the meeting timing, and to show that we care  ! and all of that time is a waste for us and for them because WE HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO !

Yeah Yeah I know … stating a problem without giving the solution is basically whining like a small girl over not wanting to go to school while she is in the morning bus heading to school ! (a wonderful picture)

My solutions are the followings:

Short frequent meetings

Assign 50% of the last meeting timing for the next meeting, and check the results. Believe me, the meeting participants will feel more active, gives the direct executive summary of all the required agenda, and there will be not too much time to waste.

Stand up meetings

for how long your team leader, boss or CEO can stand up ?  I don’t believe more than 10 minutes, so make a standing up meeting corner for internal frequent meetings not to waste time, and to be more active other than sleepy and lazy in the meeting.

Send the meeting agenda before the meeting

maybe by sending the agenda, the participates will prepare a follow up agenda and send it back, and that might reschedule the meeting, and by that, the meeting will not be wasteful, and serious  solutions will be given because everyone will do their homework before attending the meeting.

Target the right participants

don’t invite for a meeting someone who is not related to the subject, like a technical engineer for a purchase order discussion, or a sales manager to technical support problem! , because if you do, believe me the unrelated person will live in his own dreams all the meeting period

Charge your mobile.

Because if neither of the above was done, you will need your phone charged to waste your time while your boss is giving fake picture about the company you are working with.

good luck.

Cute story from a workshop

Since I started giving workshops and training, I started to face very funny situations in the lecture room, between me and the students. One of the stories is that I was giving a workshop for kids, “Introduction to photography for kids” and a girl who really was good at photography asked me a question. I stepped to her group table and held her camera to tell her exactly what to do, and While i was talking to her, i felt something wierd on my hand !!

I looked at my hand and she was touching the hair of my hand !! hahaha, I was shocked and I started laughing, she is only 7 years old …..
This is one of the storied that I really find funny 😉