Alice in wonderland


“You are going to visit the wonderland” .. this is what my manager told me when he decided that I’m going on a business trip to India. I didn’t care that much, Travelling is something I really enjoy, and wonderland is something I want to see, I felt like Alice, entering the bunny hole, reaching to a land with all these beautiful weird wonders that we will never face in normal life.

I traveled to many countries, Bangkok smell, Jakarta’s gray sky, Bali’s motor cycle jam, Syria old cars,  and many many things that I will never forget. I will never forget because I was reminded by them in India !!! India is a country where all the negative things in the third world country is combined here in Bangalore! at least in around the place I’m living at.

I wished that it is a beautiful wonderland, but what my manager meant is that I’ll have the shock of my life. Maybe everyone need this one period of his/her time, like losing virginity. You need to go from the life that you thought it is ugly, and go to a country where it is corrupted, poverty level is high, life style is very hard and you will not get used to it !

So hi, My name is Abed, I’m in wonderland, not the one that Alice visited, but the one that is the opposite.

Reading a book

After all these digital words and paragraphs as I’m writing now, I had a confused thought about purchasing a new book. should I get it on my ipad or should I go to the library to purchase it from there ?

Then I started to remember my father’s opinion about books, how he holds the book, smell the papers, touch the cover and touch the pages, how he write notes, highlight and translate some words, my father has this philosophy about reading, so he is a very important reference to this issue.


I decided to purchase it as a physical book, and guess what ! I’m really happy with my decision, reading a book before sleeping though a paper is much acceptable by me than reading it through a screen with all the notifications jumping around


my new list of books is the following:

The Rules of Life – Richard Templar

Maps of My Life – Guy Browning

Obliquity – John Kay

Trading Up – Michael J. Silverstein and Neil Fiske

Confessions of a radical industrialist – Ray Anderson with Robin White

Confidence at Work – Ros Taylor


I’m a kind of reader who reads a little from each book, then jump to another book to read, so when i finish a book, I finish all the books together (3 to 4 at a time)


I might post my opinion about each book, because I’m trying a new method in blogging.


keep posted

Why Did I Quit Smoking?

I started smoking before 9 years, and before that, I used to try but I wasn’t a continuance smoker until 2005.

I used to like the habit, and I was a proud smoker. I used to show off with my smoking tricks and how I smoke in a lot of forms of smokes as Cigarettes mainly, HOKA or SHISHA, and something local here in UAE called Midwakh, which is a kind of pipe.

I didn’t try to stop smoking at all, but I didn’t smoke infront of my parents, even when they knew that I’m a smoker, i didn’t because it is a tradition here that we don’t smoke or talk about smoking infront of our parents, specially the father.

I didn’t have any kind of sickness related to smoking, and I was an active person who did a lot of activities, and I used to sing a little but didn’t feel that smoking affected my life style that I had, no! it was a part of my life style!
I used to design my day around smoking, so whenever I wake up, I had to prepare coffee for the morning cigarettes, I had to prepare a juice or purchase one whenever I ride my car, because I want to smoke, I didn’t mind standing up in the hot desert weather we have to enjoy a smoke. It was a life style and it was not a problem for me.

I have got married and my wife didn’t mind my smoking, but not in the house, so i used to smoke in the balcony, and I didn’t complain about it. then suddenly, i started to think about my lifestyle, I wanted to take control over my life on all dimensions that are controllable, so I sat a set of goals, first goal was stopping smoking!

I didn’t stop smoking because of a sickness, i didn’t stop it because of financial crises or anything, I stopped smoking because I wanted to test myself, to test if I can control the thing that I’m attached to, so I stopped smoking at 27/03/2013 and I’m proud of it.

I really feel proud about myself, and I really feel that enough self esteem to say that I can control my life. and I feel more active towards change to the better.

Nothing is working out

Yeah exactly, nothing is working out.

I don’t know if it will in the future, but i wont stop doing what I like, and someday it will, I know that.

Well, maybe because I’m not realistic but I know I’m, what is not realistic in being a youtube video maker ? what is realistic if i want to do whatever i like? why can’t I find anyone who want the same as I do?

is it that hard to like what I like ? what’s wrong with shooting, climbing or even scuba diving, okay okay, lazy people and don’t like activities, let’s talk about photography, videography, or even reading my blog !!!

Nothing is working out but I know it will.

Moving to iOS

I was one of the people who always was against APPLE products, even though I had the iPad, i always was against APPLE, and I always used to advice my friends to purchase androids.


When Apple introduced iPhone 4s, I purchased the samsung s2, and i was amazed with the ability of customization that I was able to do, and the amount of applications that i was able to download, especially that I was a BlackBerry user, who was just stuck with its stupid ecosystem (if it has one). And then my closest friend bought the iphone 4s. I used to laugh at him, because he couldn’t do anything from what I was doing, and that is that trap that I was in, I thought I was doing more, but I did in the first few days, then I started to use the phone just like an iphone.

The thing that I wasn’t saying is that I had a mobile that I couldn’t get the accessories that I wanted, but my friend did, and i was stuck with the plasticy, out of proportion mobile that I had to use it by two hand, even though i used to argue that it is a smarter phone, with more specification, but i was in that swinging mood between loving the system and hating the physical touch of it. and that made me sell the plastic toy I used to have. 

I sold the s2, and I started using the BlackBerry Z10, which I thought that it is the next innovative mobile that will be in the market, and I wasn’t more wrong about it.

I still have the Z10, and I bought the Samsung S4 to my wife, with all these air gestures that it has, and all the specifications that APPLE doesn’t have, but guess what ! all these options are switched off, because there is no need for it !! i wouldn’t hover my finger above the album to check what is inside, and I wouldn’t tilt my head to scroll down a page. and touching the screen makes me feel that I was touching a toy, it is a big plasticy phone that I can’t scroll down the notification bar with one hand, unless I do some kind of acrobatic move raising the chance to drop the phone !


So I made my decision, I’m moving to iOS, and that is for the following reasons:


1) The strong ecosystem

APPLE AppStore  is the best store compared to Android Play Store, windows, and BlackBerry. It is the safest, and the richest store ever. Most of the application are built right, that runs so smooth on APPLE devices, and everyone can feel that AppStore respects the hardware that the devices have, and provide a compatible applications for it.



Apple has one of the largest communities, and this community loves apple, and loves apple’s customers, and that made them produce a huge amount of accessories that are fit only for apple. Go to any mobile accessories store, and you’ll find that 70% of the accessories they have is Apple friendly. but you will not find that with the huge android providers such as Samsung, HTC and LG. I’m not saying that there is no accessories, but not as Apple’s.


3) Quality not Quantity


Until today, My friend has his iPhone 4s, and it is running iOS 7 smoothly, but I sold my S2 4 months ago, and before selling it, it had all these cheap scratches from the Cheap Quality.

Samsung provides a lot of features in its mobiles, and a lot of specifications that 90% of the S4 users disable just to save battery. I’m not saying that they are not innovative, Yes they are, but they are useless, and the devices have very low quality.
I’m saying that iPhone provides high quality products that can last a lot longer, with the specifications that 90% of the users are satisfied with, and they don’t want more. (I’m not saying about HTC, because 


4) After Market Price


it is a very important features, iPhone has the highest after market price, and that is very motivational for me, maybe because I upgrade from phone to phone a lot, and because when i want to sell to move to another brand, i will garantee that I will not loose much value


I’m thinking about getting the iPhone 5s, and enter the world of iOS not by the iPad, but by the iPhone. Even though I invested some money in Google Play store purchasing a lot of application, but I think it worth it, because Apple provides the thing that are useful, not more, and it is well done, balanced device with a balanced system with the balanced hardware it has. I think I’m going to love it, and I hope so.

Jumping around

It all started when everything appeared to be dark, I didn’t know what to do, So I decided that I will create my own destiny.

After all the falls I had, all the ups and downs I’ve got, the time has arrived to establish an achievement in the real world. An Achievement that I should work so hard on it, so one day I can lay back and say that this is what my whole life I worked for. But where should I start ?

I looked around and I’ve got scared, I have no backup for any fail, I can’t enter a large risk, yet there is nothing without risk. I have to study more, I have to be aware, but is that the road that can me success, how many times I should fail and finally, If I failed, Am I going to come back again ?

It is scary but it is beautiful scary, such as a one year gap backpacking around the world. It is beautiful scary such as getting married, having a baby, or moving into another country. It is Beautiful scary as the first time I jumped from a boat to do a 18 meters Dive to a Wrack in RAK-UAE.

Until now I couldn’t start any of the ideas I have, not because I can’t, but because I’m studying them more and more. Now I’m reading, before I was watching, and next I should listen, then finally I will act, and I WILL do that.

It is hard not to start after all the thinking, but it is harder to start before you do all the thinking and the studying. I dunno what to do, but i know that I will do eventually, and every try count.

Cute story from a workshop

Since I started giving workshops and training, I started to face very funny situations in the lecture room, between me and the students. One of the stories is that I was giving a workshop for kids, “Introduction to photography for kids” and a girl who really was good at photography asked me a question. I stepped to her group table and held her camera to tell her exactly what to do, and While i was talking to her, i felt something wierd on my hand !!

I looked at my hand and she was touching the hair of my hand !! hahaha, I was shocked and I started laughing, she is only 7 years old …..
This is one of the storied that I really find funny 😉

Finally I started my YouTube Channel

YEP !!! 31654

I did it, I pulled the trigger and I did it, I started my first YouTube channel… it took me too long, but I think the long time that made me delay my lunch is very important.
What I did is that before a year and a half (and it is always the magic number, a year and a half, ask any person, when did you start thinking about this project, he will always say, mmm about a year and a half) anyways, before a year and a half, i started thinking about starting my youtube channel, but i didn’t know where to start from. then from that time until yesterday, i sat everyday in front of the screen studying YouTube ! Believe it or not, I went into every popular YouTube channel and went through everything they do, they have and they use, then i take the important notes, and I found out a lot of important things ! believe it or not, I relaunched the nerd inside me to study about 100 YouTube Channel.
Then for the last 5 months, I started thinking about my channel content, because my studies told me that the channel should focus on one thing or two only, and if i want to cover many fields, i have to create more than one channel and this is still early because I didn’t start the first channel yet.

There are many things I had to decide, such as:

  • Am I going to appear in my channel?
  • Is it a tutorial channel or is it for fun channel?
  • Am I going to create short movies for people with heavy directing, or just taking time laps and some footage and post them online

There is no right answer, all of that works out, and there are channels in every field, but it is always about (what will suit me)

then I figured it out after studying more YouTube Channels, and here is what I figured:

First of All, I figured out that there is a start point for any youtube channel, and this point is the easiest to start. Start with a channel that is under your name , as what i did … because the thing that I spent most of the time thinking about is the name of the channel. but like this, it is much easier to start and to enter YouTube world. (in an old post, I said that I will start a channel called AbFullHD) but then I Changed my mind, because I don’t want to do the same mistake as the mistake of, which I will make a post telling the write and the wrong about

Second, upload two or three videos before you start marketing your channel, don’t make your channel private, even if you have only one video, because it can get some views. but when you have two or three videos, and people start getting to your channel, a view will attract another view, and a subscribe attracts another.

Third, start your marketing by creating the two most important things to any youtube channel, a twitter account and facebook page.
In my case, because the youtube channel is under my name, the twitter account is my personal twitter account, but I had to do the facebook page under my name.

Last, after lunching the channel try to connect with the large YouTube producers. Especially the ones in your area, because then you might produce a co-video together, and the video will be featured in both channels, yours and their channel.

I’ll keep the blog for more updates about the performance of the YouTube Channel, and until the moment I published this post, the video of the channel had 461 Views but only 4 subscribers… anyways, I need to work more on my channel to increase the number of the subscribers and to generate a loyalty from the viewers. Watch the Video and tell me what do you think about it.. also keep in touch with me on my contacts and Chill Out 😉

Scuba Diving, Wall climbing, Shooting aaaand Photography ~ P90X

you would wonder what is the common between the four of them, and I’ll tell you that there is no common but they are all what I like.

Everytime I tell someone that I went to dive, he would start asking all the stupid question as “why would you dive twice at the same location, don’t you get bored ?” and I always think about how boring is he when he asks the same question again and again… any scuba diver would know that the non scuba diver would be jealous but in the same time they are not as fun as we are. 


Wall climbing is a new thing I’m going to try the following weeks, which they opened a new one in our city and it is closer to where I live, I think I’m going to take the course of 8 classes to see if I would climb or just for the sake of trying something new. Shooting is something I do often, and sometimes I need to shoot an aim better than shooting someone in the head,

Photography, Oh photography… I’m really sorry to say that I went to lebanon on April and I didn’t take my Camera, I took only my GoPro Hero3 to take some videos ! Yeah I’m far lil bit from photography and I’m into videography these days…


I want to try Kayaking, but I have no time because whenever I come close to the sea, I Dive! I want to collect the 100 dive soon for my Dive Master.

Anyways, I want to start the program P90X to follow it with the Body Beast, and I’ll log my exsersizes week by week here on my blog, hoping that sharing would help me in focusing on the workout

A post from Z10

I know that blackberry put everything they have in Z10, and everyone who used Z10 noticed that… and this is what i noticed:
The battry life is amazing.. the keyboard interface is amazing too
Why did blackberry remove the “Select all” from the broadcast in the BBM?
Why the BBM, twitter and facebook don’t rotate unless you open them from the HUB?!

These are my current comments on the Z10
But all in all, it is ana amazing device, but it is not an alternative for an android or an iOS