Staying My Grounds

It is important sometimes to stay my ground, focus on what is going on and observe every single element around me to know what is beneficial and what is neutral, what is bad and what is the worst. I’m staying my grounds,  and noticing that a lot of the things that I was considering very … More Staying My Grounds

Home Country

I was born and lived all my life in a country, but I’m from another one. I visit my home country every year, sometimes I do short visits every six months just to visit my family and see my relatives.. Also to remember the old days when I used to get to the country for … More Home Country

The Art of Meetings

This is a fact not an opinion, everyone knows what I’m talking about ! being active all day, and then you receive a meeting invitation, you attend it and you spend four hours of doing nothing, but listening to the meaningless statistics, the unbelievable reasons and the unrealistic solutions that everyone will put and discuss just to … More The Art of Meetings